Want to be manipulated?


Want a group photo of your family, friends, team, band but can’t get it all together.  Need to replace or remove part of an image?  Need to have a subtle virtual makeover (like the stars do ) ?  Want to change the background from suburban to exotic......

Unreal Digital  specialises in image manipulation and  design. If you need a  print advertisement, a promotional poster , graphics for promotional emails, invitations  or lots of other stuff I haven’t thought of yet  we can do it.

All we need are the photos and  a  brief of what you would like designed, including  any  text you want included.  It is also important to know how you intend to use the finished product  so that the finished design meets printing  and publishing requirements.  Usually the  bigger the photos and the higher the resolution the better. (Forget those phone photos , please!) And most importantly,  please  only submit images that you own the  rights to, we don’t want to infringe anyone’s copyright.


The completed design  will be downloaded to your computer   and /or  burnt onto disc. It will be  print - ready in  whatever format meets your publishing needs.

Take a look at  our galleries .

PS: Unreal has also been known to build websites...take a look at the latest (Simple and affordable.)  

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